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It’s time to commission an arts

I would like to commission an art from this artist – http://drkarayua.tumblr.com/post/114425161426/drkarayua-hello-friends-i-am-currently-taking

So: Who?

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Lyn, what ARE you doing (signal boost for inexpensive art commishes)

If you were wondering “Lyn, why are you blathering about character descriptions AGAIN?” well, herminion has a post offering sketches for LJ tokens ($2/sketch).

And, ah, you can’t buy less than $5 of tokens.

She already drew me a pic of Belfreja.

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The World is full of Awesome today!

Okay, the internets is full of wow today.

akumyo is hosting a Free Icon Day- http://akumyo.livejournal.com/420166.html

megamon_blue is too.

[personal profile] lilfluff has started the 30 Days Second Semester!

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has: “People Who Boost the Signal in Crowdfunding (also here) and Non-Cash Support Methods for Crowdfunding

[personal profile] pinkelephant drew ADORABLE Baby Dragons!

This Criminal Minds Fanfic is Teh AWESOME

Cluudle played in my newly-created Unicorn/Factory verse
and wrote an awesome piece to my prompt

[personal profile] meeks has illustrated again! (LJ) this time minor_architect‘s Wanted: One Gnome

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Diapering Dragons picture!

Dragons Next Door
Dragons Next Door


[personal profile] meeks has posted a picture of Juniper and Baby Smith from my Dragons Next Door series! (LJ Link)

Some of [personal profile] meeks‘ other lovely art includes:
this Torn World Beastie (LJ link)

This scene from Tin Man
(LJ link)


A scene from book one of [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s Chatoyant College (LJ link)

P.S. Linkbacks (tell Meeks if it’s not on LJ) and comments on the art are beneficial: 6 comments gets the sketch updated, and the post with the most linkbacks each week is eligible for more work in addition to that.

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