Fishbowl Time Again!

And Guys this one is so cool I want to do it myself some time!!

YSabetWordsmith is hosting her monthly poetry Fishbowl. The theme is “alternate histories.”

My prompts included:

What if, say, the Iroquois or another East-coast tribe developed sea travel first?
What if the Cold War hadn’t ended?
What if we hadn’t stopped the Space Race?
What if we’d focused on physical health advances and prosthetics the way we focused on smaller more complicated cell phones?
What if the Dark Ages hadn’t happened?
What if they’d never ended?
What if WWII had lasted longer?
What if Christianity had never spread?
Tír na Cali is based, in part on a what-if: what if the US had fractured in more than one direction during the Civil War?
What if there were really wizards and witches running things?

Go prompt! Go tip, if you’ve got it to spare! 🙂

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