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Signal Boost of Dooom – @Rix_Scaedu’s #promptCall

I’m a little behind in telling you how awesome Rix is.

From her last prompt call, she wrote me 8,000,000 awesome stories (approximately).

After the Fairy Tale, came from my prompt “Other gender role reversals.” Then she wrote
After The Fairy Tale II to my prompt “The Unwanted reward,” and then to my donation,
After The Fairy Tale III

Well worth a read!

I gave her a ton of prompts, so she wrote a ton of stories! Check out
Dealing With Demons
and, of course, more in her Rensa world:
An Audience, among many awesome stories.

AND NOW she’s doing it again!
Rix’s September Prompt Request is open!

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Alder by Post!

Alder by Post issue Seven is ready to go, and Issue Eight won’t be far behind!

Get in now, while I still have a copy or two of every issue so far!

Issue Seven is an Addergoole Story, set in the Village. Issue Eight is set in a Space universe.

And all of them together make a beautiful collection, as shown by reader & subscriber [personal profile] eseme in these pictures!

Alder by Post
I love real mail.

Not catalogs I didn’t ask for, circulars, coupons, offers of car insurance, or anything else addressed to “Resident.” I love letters and post cards and packages, real mail from real people.

Alder by Post combines the excitement of getting real mail with brand new flash fiction from an author whose work I enjoy. It would be impossible for me not to love this project.

Alder by Post

There are plenty of other things to love about Alder by Post, if you are not a fan of physical mail as I am. The stories (often, but not always, set in one of Lyn’s many fascinating worlds) are exclusives. They do not appear on her website or in any electronic format. For fans of her work, this is a way to get access to all the stories.

In addition to the story, each card has themed artwork on both the front and back. The stories are complete on the front of the card, while a short related story appears on the back. The postcards are also limited editions, so those who enjoy collecting and completing a set will want to order back issues while they still can! Each card is signed and numbered by Lyn.

Alder by Post

I have found that the best way to display your Alder by Post collection is a scrapbook, sized six by six inches (that would be the size of the pages inside) or as close as you can get in metric. While the cards are all roughly four by six inches, some are a bit wider than four inches, and a typical photo album has a paper or plastic backing that goes behind the photo. This means you cannot see both sides of an Alder by Post card if you put it in a photo album, and you might have to trim it to fit the pocket besides. The scrapbook has removable paper inserts, and the cards display beautifully! Be aware that you will get half the pages that the label indicates (it assumes that you will put two pages inside each pocket, not one). However, additional pages can be purchased separately. I found mine at a national chain craft store.

Eseme, a reader

Alder by Post

Get your own now!

Alder by Post
1 Issue, US $2.00 USD
I Issue, non-US $2.50 USD
1 year, US $20.00 USD
1 year, non-US $25.00 USD
2 Issues, US $3.50 USD
2 Issues, Non-US $4.50 USD
3 Issues, US $5.00 USD
3 issues, Non-US $6.00 USD
4 Issues, US $6.50 USD
4 Issues, Non-US $7.50 USD

New Button! If you want to order a new subscription AND back issues.

Alder by Post
1 year, US $20.00 USD
1 year, non-US $25.00 USD
1 year & 6 back-issues, US $28.00 USD
1 year & 6 back-issues, non-US $34.00 USD
1 year and 4 back-issues, US $25.00 USD
1 year and 4 back-issues, non-US $30.00 USD
1 year and 1 back-issue, US $21.50 USD
1 year and 1 back-issue, non-US $27.00 USD

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Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: Timora, Ceinwen, Noam, Gar

52 ?? days to 52 weeks

24.) What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?
Timora wants a white knight. She wants a truly nice man who sees her for the lovely soul she is and doesn’t mind that she doesn’t look like the popular girls; she wants someone who wants long walks on the beach and gentle kisses and will rescue her and carry her off on his horse.

They read you Cinderella
You hoped it would come true
That one day your Prince Charming would come rescue you

Failing a fairy tale, she wants a nice guy who likes spending time outdoors and won’t make fun of her.
25.) Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby?

Ceinwen had long, skinny hands with long, skinny fingers. Her hands are calloused across the palms, but her nails are always done and the tops of her hands are smooth.
26.) Second day of favorites!
Favorite comfort food: potato chips and French onion dip, washed down with Mountain Dew.
Favorite vice: skipping classes. Skipping anything.
Favorite outfit: his comfortable jeans and his worn-in Henley, both faded blue.
Favorite hot drink: He doesn’t like hot drinks. His favorite cold drink is anything sweet, the sugarier the better.
Favorite time of year: Summer, just after finals, when it still feels like you’re skipping school not being there.
Favorite holiday: Memorial Day, or anything that gets him out of classes, esp. anything with a picnic. Ice cream!

27.) Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them.
As an angry, frustrated teenager who had trouble fitting in at school, the then-retro lyrics of Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind and Youth Gone Wild suited Gar well, as well as the just-as-angry Linkin Park’s In the End.

That song take on new meaning for him as he comes to Addergoole, as well as Hate Me by Blue October.

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Fuzzy-Wuzzy, a story of Fae Apoc for the Giraffe-Bunny-Safari-Call

This is set in my Fae Apoc setting, which has a landing page here.

For zianuray‘s prompt.

Forget about how the tiger got his stripes, how the leopard changed his shorts. Today I’m going to tell you a better story, a more epic story: How the Bear Lost his Fuzz.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wasn’t a bear, mind you, not like a grizzly or something, claws, sharp teeth, yadda, yadda, et cetera. Fuzzy-Wuzzy was a bear, still a teenager and already big, cuddly, and all over fur.

He had a name, a real name, I’m sure of it, but the point is, that the Fuzzy was a big man that everyone knew as Fuzzy-Wuzzy. You know what they say about puberty? Voice changes, hair in places you had no hair before, grow taller over night. All that. And then…

…well, you know how the rhyme goes. You knew there had to be an And Then that didn’t involve happily ever after at the local Bachelor Forum.

So, the thing about Fae is (or so I’ve been told), the thing you have to really pity them for is that they get puberty twice. First they get the normal sort, and then, sometime before their body’s all done growing (I’ve heard – I couldn’t tell you myself), they get to Change all over again. And here was Fuzzy Wuzzy, eighteen years old and 6 foot 8, furry as you could be, and…

…here we go with the And Then…

…and then when he was moonlighting at a local strip club as a bouncer (that tall, he had to be over 21, right?)… when trolls attacked.

And that was just about it for Fuzzy Wuzzy. He went to work a bear, and, three hours later, and I’m not saying he fainted, even if any sane person would, but this whole Change thing is like puberty all at once, it hurts (or so I’ve been told). He woke up stark naked, a foot and a half taller…

…and smooth as a baby’s behind. And, of course, because this is the way things happen, purple and with ram horns. But the important part about this…

… you guessed it….

…is that Fuzzy Wuzzy Had No Hair. Not a bit.

But he was still the favorite bear at the Bachelor Forum.

the leopard changing his shorts is a nod to Terry Pratchett. The Bachelor Forum is a gay bar near my old apartment in Rochester, NY.

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Delfugiaran Bunnies, a story for the Bunny Safari

For [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s prompt

There were planets where you set down, built the first houses, and spent your four years of prep playing house like you were in the burbs back on Earth.

There were planets where you barely got the house up before the storms the weather satellites hadn’t seen nor predicted blew over you, and you spent four years just trying to survive and get enough built so the colonists coming after you wouldn’t die.

There were places where Murphy’s Law seemed to be in full effect, you lost half the team, but somehow managed to present a colony that looked tidy enough, so tidy the company was left asking “so what was the problem again?”

And then there was Fuge.

The Delfugiara was an M-class planet off the “beaten path,” inaccessible enough that the prep team was given a six-year stint instead of the normal four, Earth-like enough that they were sent down with a double team and livestock in sleepers, enough to get not just a colony but a town ready for the long-termers. It looked to be a Suburb Hop type of stay, what Marcel called Old McDonald’s Farm. They built their houses and their barns, thawed out their animals, and laid their fences.

And then the Taigups showed up.

Taig got to name them, because he brought the first one one, and Taig was three, Marcel and Stiggie’s son from their last stop. It looked sort of like a bunny, but the only place Taig had seen rabbits or hares was in picture files, so it was a Taigup, after, Siggie assumed, his father’s Marciup (an antelope-like creature on Tanner Three).

The Taigup liked the warmth of the house, about five degrees warmer than the surrounding area, which was in early-spring. It turned out it – and then the three others Taig brought home in quick succession – liked not only the warmth, but the lack of natural predators; their three-year-old would stand for them eating any number of things, but not His Pets.

They’d wondered at the lack of other small omnivores or herbivores. There were Taigups in the brush, but not massive numbers – enough to allow for reproduction over the number that were eaten by larger omnivores and the few big carnivores – but no mice-analogs, no dog-analogs, no badger-analogs. Nothing but Taigup.

When they came back to the house after a long day of Terradjusting to find sixteen Taigup where they’d had four, and the same the next three days as they spread them out like Free Kittens in a box, they began to understand.

“We’re going to have to get used to Taigup stew,” Marcel decided, as they pushed a box of the things out into the wilderness for the carnivores to eat. “Or we’re going to be drowning in bunnies.”

“I don’t think we can eat that fast.” Stiggie picked up a Taigup as it split itself into two. “Well, at least we can teach Taig exponential growth.”

(I was going to call it Welsh Taigup, even though that’s cheese, but I decided to go with something that actually involves bunny).

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Entering Kitty Town, a story for the Rabbit Safari

For [personal profile] lilfluff‘s requested continuation of Down in Kitty Town, from then January 2012 Giraffe Call

Irena sank into the cushions of her seat, letting the slow hypnosis take over as a team of Agency cover-preppers worked on her. Her body was already beginning to change. By the time she woke up, her personalty would have been shifted as well. She cursed her supervisor sleepily. She always came back from these missions with a desire to scratch the linoleum and a month of panicked nightmares.


Rrrina woke up in a crate. How had she… oh. Her Master. Her stupid, mean, heavy-handed Master had gotten bored with her. “I’m sick of Siamese.” Like she was a slipcover or something. She’d yowled and screamed, so he’d sedated her. Her butt and back hurt; he’d beaten her, too. She wouldn’t be sorry to see the back of him, if only it didn’t mean she was in a crate again.

Where was she going? She touched the bars of the crate cautiously – sometimes they went zzap – and peered out. A cargo hold, hrrm. Next to her, a human slave cried in her pen. On the other side, three dogs slept fitfully.

“Awake, are you?” The man looked wrong somehow, something ill-fitting about his coverall, more so than it should be, something about his hat or his gloves that didn’t look right. Rrrina backed up until she hit the wall of her cage, hissing. “Easy, easy.”

The handler knew what he was doing. Those gloves went all the way up his arms, and he had no qualms about tipping her out of the cage and grabbing her collar from behind. Rrrina wasn’t sure how he got the restraints on her; she was tumbling, she’d been grabbed, and then she was hogtied. “Easy.” He patted her shoulder. “Don’t bite me, kitten, I’m the good guys.”

She showed him lots of teeth but didn’t bite. “Let me loose. I’m housetrained.”

“Not until we’ve gotten you off the plane. Come on.” He picked her up easily. Far too easily for a human. Far too easily for most Tuathan. She fell limp in his arms. There was no way she was getting away from him.


“Kitty-town. Now stay quiet, and nobody will notice we’re stealing you.”

Kitty-town. Stealing. Rrrina really wanted to fight, she really did, but something, something kept her quiet.

Deep, deep inside her cover personality, Irena wondered if Miles had arranged this. If he had, she was personally going to shit on his face when she got home.

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Ask A Crew Anything: “Yep,” + Yolanda

The Addergoole crew that calls itself “Yep” includes the following:

Arnbjorg – this tall, intimidating blonde cy’Doug daughter of Aelfgar was with Jamian for her first three years of Addergoole. She shows up here. She is in the 6th Cohort

Dyfri – this slender mer-creature is a beast in the water, but weak on land. He is in love with Evie, and probably always will be, but the best she will allow him is friendship.

Evie – this tall, slender elk-Change girl with golden eyes has never recovered from her time as Calvin’s Kept. She is defensive and reticent, but learning to speak to people.

Dyfri and Evie show up here.

Reese – This hermaphroditic squirrel, Kept by Efrosin h’ first year, has an attention span worthy of h’Change, but also has a vicious streak of cunning to match. Blonde, slender, and rather attractive, this 7th Cohort is loyal to its friends but trustworthy for no-one else.

Reese shows up here.

Eluned – this short, pale redheaded 9th Cohort, Evie’s Kept for the year, can seem as fluttery as her Change. Some of that is likely due to her Keeper, however.

Yolanda – to fill out the 8th Cohort, I offer Dyfri’s Kept from Year 8. Since she’s a complete blank slate, in addition to asking her questions, feel free to suggest physical or emotional description, Changes, innate powers, or anything else.

And now you may ask Yep anything!

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Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: Your Call

52 ?? Days To 52 Weeks

Okay, Guys, what do you want today?

Want a character description?

Want to ask someone questions?

Want to know something about the school?

Want more Character Development Meme?

Ask, and you shall receive.

Don’t ask, and nobody receives anything 😉

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Addergoole: The Web Page (Countdown to Addergoole)

As we get closer and closer to September (eep), I realize I need to get together a web page for this thing!

So, I know the original page had its flaws. What do you want to see in Addergoole: Year 9 for ease of following?

Be kind, please. Mean comments will be cried on.

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Weekend, and a writing lull

Last week was immensely busy for me at Day Job, and then I topped it off by taking a 4-day weekend, 2 days of which involved company, and the other two of which involved recuperating.

Thus, my writing has been very slow for a week or two, and I’m just now getting my brain back into Writing Mode.

I’m still here, though.

How’s everyone else?

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