Excerpts 8, 9, 10

From my secret project:

“Be a good girl and I’ll get to keep being a good girl?”
“If you’re a bad girl, you won’t get a chance to do so much as pee without permission; if you’re a zombie, you’ll get someone who wants zombies.” She released Elisabeth’s chin and patted her shoulder. “How are your ankles?”

From my Tir na Cali novel:

What did I care what happened to Keva? She was just another Californian.

The Californian who had been, so far, willing to put up with me being a really bad slave, a voice that was pretending to be my conscience reminded me.

Yeah, but… it wasn’t like she treated me like an equal or anything. She still bossed me around like it was her right.

From the continuation to “Fairies in the Church:”
You know the ones that work, truly work.”

Nehemiah had nodded, although he hadn’t wanted to. He’d listed those off like a catechism. “Holy ground and the faith to hold it. A salt circle drawn by an unwavering hand. A nail of cold iron through their hand.”

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