Kittens, bugs, guests, and storms

We have a wasp problem we’re working on correcting, as [personal profile] eseme learned when she was visiting (Sorry, Es!!).

Not only has Eseme (and T) been stung, but now Oli has learned to his displeasure what happens when you bother a wasp (ow, mom, dad, my face feels funny).

He’s fine… He had a day of swollen face and sadness, and now he’s back to normal, and I, too, know what happens.

The kittens have also learned that they don’t like storms, at least not rocking-loud-flash-bang ones like last night. They were watching it from the bathroom window for a bit, but then it got too loud for them.

Having kittens is more fun than I thought it would be. It’s neat watching their personalities develop. I still miss my Draker and Gats, but I’m getting fond of my babies, too

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