Countdown to Addergoole: Ask Jamian Anything

52 16 Days To 52 Weeks

For the 52 days leading up to the 52 weeks of Addergoole: Year 9, I will be posting something Addergoole-related every day.

Today, in looking forward, we go backward by request:

Jamian! Jamian is one of the three protagonists of the original Addergoole series. The hermaphroditic full-blooded Daeva ends h’ first year of Addergoole with two children by and out of his keeper of that year, his Keeper, Ty/a, another hermaphrodite, although not a full-blood.

Stories here h’ has appeared in include:
A cy’Linden Summer
Summertime Memories
Icon Flash: Standoff
In Any ‘Verse (AU)

Today, you can ask h’ any question. Timing for this, in Jamian’s timeline, is the August before Year 9 – just after h’ graduated from Addergoole

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  1. What does it feel like to be finally out of Addergoole? What are your plans for the future (and do they include college)? How are the kids? Are you still friends with Kai? What class did you enjoy the most in these four years of Addergoole?

    • Woah! /Jamian grins/ Being out of Addergoole feels… it feels weird, honestly. Like ah, what’s that joke? Freedom! horrible horrible Freedom! That. I mean. I get, now, why DJ lived in the Village. Just going back to picking a gender and sticking with it is going to be really strange. And how are the kidlings going to adjust? We’re going to try life out in the world. I’ve got to at least try. Ty ended up sort of messed in the head from not going out there, and I don’t want that to happen to our kids. They’re beautiful, aren’t they? They’re growing up tall and lovely.

    • Fun! /He grins/ Don’t get me wrong, i liked Ty, but being on my own, that was fun. And once I got past that first year – well, it was kinda nice to have Ty’s protection against creeps like Baram, but they weren’t there any more my second year, and the creeps that were left, they weren’t all that creepy.

  2. (whoviandm) what are the little ways you can Work in the real world without anyone noticing? Which gender did you decide to wear for now and why? Do you still communicate with all of your allies? (also thank you for being a semi role model for me through the last months as I followed your story)

    • I decided to go female for now, because it’s easier to deal with human authorities about the kids. I might move and change when Arna gets out of school, although it’ll make her uncomfortable. She likes me being female better. I do a lot of muttering. Earth stuff for gardening, that sort of thing. Most of my stuff isn’t very useful for, like, doing the dishes or anything. /she flushes a bit/ You’re welcome.

  3. Did you stay Kept by Ty for all of your time at Addergoole or only for your first year? If the latter, can we please know more?

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