First, invent the Rabbit… Saag Paneer from scratch

I recently saw this quote on a bumper sticker: Carl Sagan: “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

It reminded me of the apocryphal recipe for rabbit stew that starts “first, catch the rabbit.” (link)

By Sagan’s standards, we did not make Saag Paneer from scratch. However, the paneer (cheese) was made from milk, buttermilk, and salt at home, and half the spinach and all the onions were grown in our own garden, so it does meet at least some standards for such (I wonder if one can can saag. I think you should be able to, with a pressure cooker)

It was, by the by, delicious. I’m going to to make more paneer soon. Assuming I still hae more cheesecloth.

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  1. Hey Boy: Oh. Trouble brewing. Paladin: Hey Boy, it’s boiled over. A murderer who uses the name Fred Horn has killed two men men and he’s hunting for a third. Me. Hey Boy: Oh? Paladin: He only kills his victims when they’re alone, asleep, or with their backs turned. Hey Boy: Will you shoot this Fred Horn? Paladin: Hey Boy, there’s an old recipe for tiger stew, do you know it? Hey Boy: No. Paladin: First, you must catch the tiger.

  2. Congrats on making Paneer! It always seemed relatively easy to do. And tasty homemade Indian food! That sounds lovely. Sounds like a good weekend.

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