Ask A Crew Anything: “Yep,” + Yolanda

The Addergoole crew that calls itself “Yep” includes the following:

Arnbjorg – this tall, intimidating blonde cy’Doug daughter of Aelfgar was with Jamian for her first three years of Addergoole. She shows up here. She is in the 6th Cohort

Dyfri – this slender mer-creature is a beast in the water, but weak on land. He is in love with Evie, and probably always will be, but the best she will allow him is friendship.

Evie – this tall, slender elk-Change girl with golden eyes has never recovered from her time as Calvin’s Kept. She is defensive and reticent, but learning to speak to people.

Dyfri and Evie show up here.

Reese – This hermaphroditic squirrel, Kept by Efrosin h’ first year, has an attention span worthy of h’Change, but also has a vicious streak of cunning to match. Blonde, slender, and rather attractive, this 7th Cohort is loyal to its friends but trustworthy for no-one else.

Reese shows up here.

Eluned – this short, pale redheaded 9th Cohort, Evie’s Kept for the year, can seem as fluttery as her Change. Some of that is likely due to her Keeper, however.

Yolanda – to fill out the 8th Cohort, I offer Dyfri’s Kept from Year 8. Since she’s a complete blank slate, in addition to asking her questions, feel free to suggest physical or emotional description, Changes, innate powers, or anything else.

And now you may ask Yep anything!

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0 thoughts on “Ask A Crew Anything: “Yep,” + Yolanda

  1. Reese, why were you so keen to have a Kept this year that you tried to select one at the airport? I like the way you keep your fur by the way. Yolanda, how did being in your particular cy’ree work in with being Kept?

    • /Reese squirms/ C’mon, I didn’t get one last year. I got Kept my first year. And I kinda want to get out of here eventually, you know. /H’ holds up the very floofy tail./ You like it? Thanks! ~ /She barks a little laugh/ You wouldn’t think it would, would you? Especially with someone like Dyfri.

      • Reese, I see. So do you still need one or two? Yolanda, I thought maybe he caught you before your Mentor was sorted out.

        • /Reese nods/ One. I have one by Efrosin. I was thinking of catching a girl, but then Wylie showed up… ~ /Yolanda:/ Oh, he did. But I was still cy’Doug, you know, inside.

          • Reese, so I suppose you’re storing favours and laying plans for next year or might you get lucky one way or the other this year? Yolanda, obviously you worked around it. Was it a difficult break up?

            • /Reese nods, bouncing/ Storing favors, all right. /Yolanda looks away./ I really liked him. In the water, at least. In the water, he’s awesome.

                • /Reese:/ Well, maybe someone who can carry a kid? Someone who likes fun, right? Who isn’t so seriousface all the time. /Yolanda/;/ Dating Dyfri is like dating two people at once, you know? And one of them liked me, and the other.. wasn’t sure how he was Keeping me.

                    • Reese: Hunh. Well, if I can find one, that would be awesome. I don’t’ really want a Kept who cries all year. I don’t want to be that Keeper, you know? Yolanda: Looking for a strong man, a good man. Looking for someone who isn’t weak half the time.

                    • Reese, I don’t think any sensible, balanced person wants to be that Keeper. Is there anyone in this year’s intake you might be interested in for next year? Yolanda, so do you have anyone in mind?

                    • Welll, I kind of like Pania. And Cody, but don’t tell, okay? And I wish Ciara hadn’t gotten grabbed by Ellen; I think she’d be good in our crew. /Yolanda makes a face/ Nobody this year. Well, maybe Kheper or Llew or Kyle…

                    • Reese, now could be the time to be quietly making friends so next year you have the inside running… Yolanda, next year they’ll have a year’s worth of experience under their belt and have grown up a bit.

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