What I Did on my Summer Vacation

(Hey, it was 80 in Raleigh this weekend!)

My grandmother had three grandchildren, all girls – myself, and my mother’s brother’s two daughters. This weekend, the older of my cousins finally got married. In Raleigh, NC.

I can say finally. She started dating the guy about the same time T. & I got together – in a year that started with 19-!

Despite some confusion on my extended family’s part, I would gladly drive to California if one of my cousins asked me to. So T. & I may have been the only ones not surprised when we packed up the car, hired a pet-sitter, and drove 600 miles south in a single day.

We stopped for gas, stretching, coffee, dinner, and nearly stopped in DC for 2 hours (ack traffic. Ithaca doesn’t have traffic), but we got there before Thursday was over.

Friday, we had breakfast with some family, lunch with my parents, and then explored Raleigh. We went furniture-shopping, too, though we didn’t buy anything (for some reason). Saturday, we went hiking in a pretty park with my mother (Mom & Dad flew down) and then Wedding Wedding Wedding.

It was lovely. The bride was glowing. The groom was smiling. Everything was awesome, the way weddings ought to be.

Two very nice touches: there were candles lit for those who had passed, grandparents and other relatives. And in lieu of favors, the bride & groom made a donation to the Kidney Foundation (both families have been touched more than once by kidney disease).

T. and I took two days to drive home, stopping in Gettysburg on the way back. We spent several hours there – I’ll try to get pictures uploaded to Flickr this weekend – and then hit the road again.

We’d planned on hitting this place we saw on the way down – with a Giant Chicken – but they were closed, sadface. Happily, there was an antique market right next door.

A three-story flea-slash-antique market.

Two hours later…!

All in all, it was a lovely weekend, full of lovely driving and lovely weather (Except Sunday night, when it was cold and rained) and lovely wedding. I should take vacations more often.

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    • Hey, I could have stopped in and said hi! It was awesome! I am not a big fan of family but the 6-day vacation rocked (and I love my cousin, of course).

  1. Yay antiques! I ran off for vacation myself – 5 days of it. It is wonderful, and you and T should take them more often. Maybe start with one a year? *grins*

      • Argh on the work thing. We have some people on staff who take two weeks of vacation at a time. So being gone for a week doesn’t seem insane to me. Maybe try for a 4 day weekend (thus two days off work)? There are some pretty neat places to visit in a reasonable drive of your house.

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