Tuesday, with Where’s the Writing?

I just realized I have not posted fiction here since September 18th. O_O

And it’s not that I haven’t been writing. I had a little meltdown in there for a couple days (these things happen) but for the most part – writing has been happening.

But I’ve been working on longer things (oooh, aah), Addergoole and long stories and random other things. My @thorneWrites twitter is often a good indication of what I’m working on at any given moment.

Here’s a few snippets from yesterday’s writing

“It’s all right. He wasn’t pleasant, but he only broke two ribs.” She hugged him close to her, wondering, once again, what she was going to do with him. “I’ve survived worse.”


“I never should have gotten you him!”

“Maybe not. Maybe I should have gotten him for myself. But he’s mine, now, and I want to spend some time alone with him.” She stepped over her threshold, pushing Noam further into her room. “I like you, Hera, but that doesn’t mean I need to spend every moment with you.”


Would she leave him that? Would he be alive long enough to care?

“The…” He couldn’t bring himself to admit what he was. A normal human would not have been able to sense the magic. “I’ve heard of places like that.”

“Everyone has. That’s part of the strength, of course. Nobody touches a Dark Tower.”


“Some people get off more easily than others.” Aly sat down next to the little girl with a tray full of snack foods. How she’d manage to get that together without leaving the room, Baram didn’t know. He assumed magic. “And some people just slide around the bad stuff.”

“Oh, I had a bad Keeper. It’s just that Callista’s Keeper was… something else.”


“That’s fucked up. Your whole country is fucked up. This whole situation is fucked up.” Her voice was rising, but Elisabeth didn’t care. It was just ridiculous. Some people got to fall into rabbit holes. She’d fallen into All Slaves All the Time. “And you’re fucked up if you think I’m going to just kowtow for you, just because you paid my kidnapper for the privilege of carrying me out of there.”

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