Addergoole Year Nine: a 1/8-year Status Update, slightly belated

Addergole: Year 9 is a 52-week project, and I am just about to hit week 8, so I am a little past the half-a-quarter mark for this update.

I have posted:
7 chapters (one a week, approx. 4500 words apiece)
6 bonus stories (these are a donation-level incentive, approx. 1500 words apiece)
12 Outtakes (these are commissioned short stories on a character of the commissioner’s choice)

This is actually a bit higher than I expected, in re. bonus stories – I had prepped one for every two weeks.

Donations in general have been coming in far more regularly than in the previous web-serial.
I attribute this to three things:
* A concrete reward for donations.
* A custom donation button at the bottom of every post
* A better product.

In total, I have received $145 in Addergoole donations and paid $50 for advertising

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