Thank you! Arm warmers and other Incentives

The recent Giraffe Call reached the get-takeout incentive level.

This month, instead of get-takeout, I decided to get-warm: armwarmers!

Thank you for your support!

We also reached:

* Alder by Post – if you donated and would like a copy mailed to you, send me your address (If I don’t have it already).

* Livewrite – one one-hour session: please let me know, if you’re interested in watching me write, when would be good for you.

* Setting piece – what would you like to see? What setting? Anything in specific?

In Addition

A lovely anonymous donor donated 3 500-word continuations to three random prompters. gave me:

Please pick up your prizes at the courtesy desk!

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  1. Are there any particular settings you think could do with a setting piece or where you have something to say? Just trying to narrow the field here.

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