On Politics and Being Decent Human Beings (repeat from Tweets)

Guys, whatever your political belief, remember that the people you’re talking to and about are PEOPLE. Be polite. Be respectful. Be HUMAN.

I am, continue to be, immensely angry at the rudeness of people who assume that a difference in political beliefs entitles them to be mean.

In addition to “don’t be a horrid person,” please don’t assume that a difference in opinion from you, or in political affiliation, is from ignorance or evil. It is a difference in experience and opinion. That is all. Don’t assume that a difference in opinion voiced is a request to be corrected. Ask before attempting to correct someone.

If you wouldn’t want someone wanting to convert you to their faith, why would they want you to try to convert them to their party?

Seriously, dudes. Act like human beings. Stop being mean to some of the awesomest people on the internet because they’re different.

(Ppsst. Being different is part of why they’re awesome, remember?)

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