Not Being stupid, a drabble in re. many drabbles

(Most recently this by Rion in response to this by me)

I always did well in history. Professors told me I was an eager student.

Luke was still chewing over that one – and trying hard, hard, not to imagine Mystral as Laurel’s eager student, what had Mike been doing to his head? – when she kissed him.

Luke had kissed Mystral before, of course. They had a daughter together, after all. But this… this was different.

And as the images in his head shifted like flip-cards from Mystral with Laurel to Mystral as she’d been in his bed, years ago, she dropped the bomb.

“I’d love you all the same.”

Luke’s wings flared widely, and his mouth opened and closed, but no sound came out.

That, that he hadn’t been expecting.

Liking him around? Yes. There were reasons to like a man like him, a Mara like him around. Even Mike thought he was decent company.

Wanting to live with him – well, they had a daughter together. And she liked his company, and the world had fallen to pieces.

But love.


His wings flapped. His mouth opened and closed.

Some day, Wil had said to him, you’ll be ready. And when you are, lovely man… don’t be stupid about it.

Maureen had said something similar to him, a few years back.

Mike said it all the time.

“This is me,” he informed Mystral carefully, “trying hard not to be stupid. Mystral… I love you.”

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