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Twin Study, an AU!Addergoole Second Gen

For wyld_dandelyon‘s prompt.

This is non-canon, set sometime after the apoc, well into the second gen of Addergoole

“Identical twins are nature’s clones, if you’ll forgive the whimsy.” Regine held a stethoscope to Ted’s chest.

“I don’t really want to forgive anything.” Ted pulled against the restraints holding her in the chair. “My parents…!”

“Shh. Almost done here, and then you can go back to your classes.”

“What’s this all about? Where’s Bill?”

She’d never know what her father had been thinking when he’d named them that. Then again, the guy in the chair next to her was Kirk, which was fine, but turned out his twin was named Picard.

“Your twin is completely safe and fine. She will attend Addergoole when you have finished your four years here.”

“So you’re going to keep us apart for eight years? What the hell?”

“It’s much easier to determine the effects of stressors when you have a control.”

“A control…”

It was Fili, on the other side of her, who figured it out. “Woah. You’re not… that’s sick. That’s Nazi Sick.”

“Godwin’s Law,” Ted warned reflexively.

“Godwin can suck it. She’s using our twins as a control group. How do you even use someone as a control group? I mean, things happen to people, right?”

“Not… like… comatose people.” Homer’s voice was quiet. “Dr. Regine… what did you do with Sampson?”

“Your twins are perfectly safe. You will meet them again when your four years in Addergoole are over. And now, of course, I must remove the memories of this conversation from you.”

“What about our parents?” Fili’s voice was small. “How can they be all right with this?”

“They can’t.” Ted sagged against her bonds. “But she’s already said she’s going to remove our memories…”

“You are all very smart children. I approve. Now hold still for another moment…”

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