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#Lexember post Two – Conlanging objects in the Calenyan world – Tent and Goat, Pot and Blankets

On par with a goat in terms of importance to the Cālenyena(*) is their tent, at least historically.

petep (first syllable is like the word pet, with the same e sound in the second syllable) – this is a base word for “tent.”

(petepōk, which became pepōk over time, is “stone tent;” house.)

pazit is a goat (paw – zit)

geten is blanket, [and I need to figure out how I make things plural

gōt is a pot, generally a kettle for cooking over open fire, more generically any pot.

There is a Cālenyen saying:

Petep ō pazit, geten ō gōt: Tent and goat, blanket and pot.

It is meant to signify the needs in life (your tent and your goat) and the comforts (soft blankets and cooked food), but in later years also is a description of a separation of a couple – the soldier or worker gets the Petep ō pazit, the mother or home-keeper gets the geten ō gōt.

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