Archive | March 20, 2013

Pi No Wri Mo: March has 33 days, right?

So… if I count Friday-Saturday-Sunday as one day, I’m on par!

(The thing I always forget to do in these no-wri-mo plans is put in skip days. Company happens. Sick happens.)

Monday was a pretty good day, but it couldn’t make up for smushing three days into one. I *am* just going to count them as three, and if I have a couple really good days, well, that might work it out.

So, as of yesterday, I had written

7309 Other words [goal 8000]
23077 Addergoole words [goal 22500]
1938 Rin Words [goal 1500]
and a total of 32324 words [goal 32000].

Then I went home and got hung up working on the Addergoole landing page, and did… pretty much nothing. This landing page is going to kill me O_O

How are you guys doing?

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