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Old History, a continuation of Fae Apoc/Addergoole

After At the Gate, after Fathers

Adder was out of options, short of selling himself, and he’d thought about that a few times.

When he’d really started thinking the collar looked like a good option – at least then someone would feed him, in theory – he’d decided he’d at least be reasonable about it.

Orlaith hadn’t loved him. Adder was smart enough to know that. But she’d been a good Keeper; she had been, as she said, very clearly practicing to be a good Keeper.

Adder had a feeling, looking at the man calling his firstborn son, that her knew why, now.

He coughed, and shifted the weight of his rucksack. “Where’s Ora?”

The boy spoke. Had it really been that long ago? “Mom’s fine. You didn’t answer the question.”

He didn’t look like a miniature Adder, chin and cheekbones be dammed. His shoulders, his voice; he was a miniature whoever-the-hell-this fucker-was.

Adder’s stomach growled, and he remembered that he was hungry, tired, and down to his last pair of socks. He swallowed the lump of possessive frustration. He hadn’t been cy’Linden for nothing.

“The world’s sort of falling to shit out there.” He gestured behind him. It hadn’t escaped him that his son was living in a mansion, a mansion that still had power. “I came to talk to Orlaith. to ask if the Woods-Witch had a place for me.”

He hoped he didn’t sound too pitiful.

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…Ninja… a drabble of Luke and Mystral

After X Marks the spot, after Partnership

Three. Four. There were more than he’d seen the first time. He disabled them, leaving them unconscious and unable to hold a weapon. One, who was sighting on his daughter’s room, he killed accidentally.

Anger. He took a few deep breaths.

::One more sweep on this side, and I think we’ll be clear. How’re you?:: Mystral’s mental voice settled him, called him.

::Almost done. I’ve got their lead… damn.::

He’d thought cyanide pills had gone out with the cold war.

He knocked the last one of his out, and grabbed the… ninja… before he could kill himself. ::This is not the evening I had planned, Myst. Do you want to help with the interrogation?:: He shook the … ninja.. and jammed his handkerchief between the man’s teeth. “Tempero tlacatl…” ::Watch out. They’re old-school::

He ducked as one that he’d missed tried to bean him with a crowbar. “Someone is going to die tonight!”

This was not what he’d had planned for this evening.

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That Girl Thursday on Friday: Miryam

Cautious and yet friendly, Miryam had a winning smile even before her Change.

Once her power expressed itself, she had a smile to die for. Or kill for.

The petite girl has a miniature coke-bottle figure, everything in proportion in a 4’7″-tall package. Green antennae and green fairy wings top off her petite figure.

She has deep brown hair in corkscrew curls, warm brown skin, and eyes as green as her wings.

It’s hard to tell much more about her. She hides everything behind a small smile that can grow into an intoxicating, addictive grin in a heartbeat.

She tries not to leave much of an impression, but doesn’t bother not leaving the withdrawal behind her.

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They Were Over

For [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt.

Nilam is an Addergoole: Yr9 characters. Forrester comes to school in Year 10.

She had thought she was done with him when he took the collar off her neck.

She walked away; he walked away. Neither of them were comfortable with the way the last year had gone. Neither of them wanted to be friends. They were over.

She had thought she was done with him when the dreams stopped.

She had a new Kept, a lovely boy who didn’t fight her too hard and made the sweetest noises when she had to punish him. She curled up around him at night and, after a few months, she stopped dreaming of her former Keeper. They were over.

She thought she was done with him when he graduated.

Their daughter looked nothing like him and everything like her. Her dreams had stopped, the whispers of his Words not coming through, anymore, even when she scolded her Kept. She didn’t say, anymore: good Kept do this, bad Kept do that, the way she had learned his Keeper’s Keeper had said. She didn’t punish her Kept for having thoughts. And she didn’t dream about him anymore. They were over.

She thought she was done with him when she graduated.

She was leaving everyplace she’d ever known him, every place she’d ever seen him. She was leaving the last places that echoed with his name – and all the classmates that knew Forrester was Kept by Nilam, and look what that did. She was leaving everything behind that could in any way suggest Nilam. Everything.

She walked out of her new apartment and walked right into her former Keeper.

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