A Summary of Recent Writing

Tasty Tuesday: Butternut Soup
WebLit Wednesday: K.A.Jones (LJ)
Side Story Saturday: No-one said it would be easy ()

Other Personal Stuff
Lampshades, Lasers, and Lobster, oh my (Personal foo)
How to stock Your Disaster Pantry (link)

Signal Boosts
ItsaMella’s Icon Day (LJ)
K Orion Fray’s April Prompt Call
Finch’s Iron Poet

Giraffe Call Is Open!

We are $10 from the next incentive level and All Prompts Will be Written.

Prompts from A-Z (LJ)
Signal Boost Poem: The Works of Thorne from A-Z (LJ)

Last Giraffe Calls
Fae Apoc:
Monsters (LJ)
Why Swords (LJ)
The Black Tower and its Council (LJ)
Questioned (LJ)
Veils (LJ)
Mud Fight (LJ), Stranded World, after Ax Fight.

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