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An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer


That is, approximately, the sound of fangirlish glee that could be heard from the Lyn this past weekend.

For my/our birthday, my Best Friend Evar bought tickets to this.

And thus T. and I drove up to Troy (near Albany) (where Best Friend Evar & Boyfriend live) for last weekend, where we engaged in tasty tasty Indian food, hung out at the workplace of said best frien & boyfriend – they’re in the middle of a deliverable, boo bad timing – and then rode with them to Bard College for an evening with Neil and Amanda.


There is something absolutely awesome about hearing your favorite authors read out loud. It’s like you’re hearing the story exactly as it was meant to be. Also, Neil Gaiman has an awesome voice.

And awesome poetry.

And I bought a poster.

And it was awesome. Did I mention that?

If I have one quibble – and I do – it’s that the acoustic in Bard College’s theatre were better than their sound system allowed for. Amanda Palmer’s lovely singing was just a bit too loud – and we were in the very back row. Pity anyone with a migraine in a closer seat.

Still. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Giraffe Logistics.

I am contemplating (unsurprisingly) a Giraffe Call this weekend.

Because of the April A-Z thing, I’m thinking of trying to to an A-Z giraffe call, but I’m having a bit of trouble with logistics.


1. I don’t normally get 26+ prompters, but I normally write 1 prompt/prompter unless donations occur
2. Comments across two+ platforms (LJ/DW, sometimes Twitter)
3. Many people leave multiple prompts, meaning I can’t just say “leave a prompt in the letter after the person above you.”
4. Smartasses.

Thoughts on solutions:
* Suggest if people leave multiple prompts, they do so over a letter range that does not completely overlap with the person above them. I.e., ie person 1. does a, b, and c, person 2. should do b, c, d, and e.
* Have a list of letters in the Call and cross out letters as I receive three or more prompts to each.
* Have other ways to get a second prompt written than just donations (Signal boosts, up to three?)
* Suggesting that if one is going to leave a letter prompt in another alphabet, one must leave considerable linked backup.
* [personal profile] itsamellama has suggested having an unlockable/incentive if we reach all 26 letters.
Thoughts on what it should be?

Not worth it, try something else?
Why are you still bothering with this at all?

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