First and Last Frost Dates

Getting impatient?

Three resources for last frost date by area:

(these read between May 2 and May 31 for last-frost for my approximate area).

here’s a map for the UK:
and another:

Something not entirely clear for Australia:

Of course, even with a chart, it helps to look at the weather on a day-to-day basis at the beginning and end of the season.

And I’ve planted some peas and put my first butternuts in the ground.

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6 thoughts on “First and Last Frost Dates

  1. The dates the Australian one gives for Sydney are pretty much what we count as winter. Both the locations they give are coastal cities, the dates for Canberra and Darwin would be very different (I don’t even know that Darwin has frost days…)

    • I could find a better one if I dug more, probably. Ours change a lot, too – New York City vs. Elmira (Coast vs. inland) is a good example.

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