Not the Man

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“Governor Aryalt, we have a problem.”

The governor spared the Secret Service agent a glance. “What sort of problem? Media again?”

“No, sir. No. The problem lies a little deeper than that.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Governor Aryalt wasted the time giving the agent an actual look. The agent, in return, met his gaze levelly.

“Sir, you’re not who you think you are.”

“Ha. Very funny. Jim!” The governor raised his voice up to a shout. “Jim, you let another nut job through. What did I tell you about screening the security?”

“He can’t hear you, Governor.” The agent puts his hands on Aryalt’s shoulders. “Right now, nobody can hear you at all.”

Aryalt stepped back, but the agent’s grip was stronger than it should have been. “I’ll have you fired for this.”

“No you won’t, sir Because you are not Thomas Aryalt. You are not the governor of South Dakota. You are not a multi-millionaire mogul.”

The words should have meant nothing at all, but they hit Aryalt somewhere down in the gut. “You’re talking nonsense,” he tried anyway. “I’ll have your entire career for this.”

“You’ve had my career for a long time, Jacob.”

Jacob. Who was that? Aryalt blinked at the man. “What are you talking about?” Where the hell was Jim?

“I’ve been your handler for longer than you’ll ever remember. Longer than I remember. And now… it’s time to remember again. Wake up, Jacob. It’s time to go.”

Jacob blinked. “Shit. Shit.” The last vestiges of Aryalt fall off of him, leaving behind all of the man’s memories and none of his personality. “We have to go.”

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  1. “You are not the governor of South Dakota.” Uh, well who is? Isn’t this the man who ran for office or is the real Thomas Aryalt stuffed in a basement somewhere? It could be an interesting legal question…

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