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Talking to…

To @Dahob’s prompt here – – written on the bus yesterday.

Farrah came home from work to find herself already there.

Under cover of an umbrella, she unlocked the door to her small cottage. She was humming So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish as she dropped her purse on the table and popped open a beer. The rain was till pounding as she turned around to find herself looking herself in the face.



Farah shook her head. “Okay, no, forget who. How?”

“That’s what I’d like to know! How’s you get into my house?” The doppelgänger’s voice sounded… squeaky? Strange, anyway.

“Your house? This is my house.” Farrah set down the beer on her kitchen counter. “Where did you come from? Is this some sort of joke?”

“Again, exactly what I’d like to know. I used a key. My key, since it’s my house. You?”

It was about then that Farrah realized what was wrong with the other woman’s voice. It sounded like listening to a recording of herself. And her face – the doppelgänger even had a zit, just where Farrah had gotten one this morning, only on the right side of the nose, not the…

…no. No, that was the mirror talking. Farrah’s was on the left side of her nose, and so was this woman’s zit.

“Even if someone had some reason to replace me,” she reasoned out. Who replaced mid-management at libraries, even in sci-fi stories? No one, that was who. “They wouldn’t have bothered with the zit.”

“If replacing me was even possible.” Her double picked up a similar line of thought. And no surprise at all, there. “It wouldn’t be… well, yeah, it wouldn’t be me. So… are you a clone? No, the zit. Evil twin?”

“Zit. Also: no goatee. Fetch?” It was like talking to herself. It was talking to herself.

“I don’t think so. Check me for seams?”

Seams… stitching… trousers. Trousers of time? “The fork?”

“Fork?” Her alternate self raised her eyebrows. “Flatware? …Oh. Oh. With the lightning?”

Thundered rolled outside, as if to punctuate the point. There were two routes to Farrah’s house from work; she’d taken the left-hand one today, just as the storm had broken. “Shit.” She shook her head. “I guess the right turn really is faster.”

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What I want What You Want Fundraiser


What I Want: Djinni is hosting another icon day and, while you all ought to go request an icon, signal boost, and, if you can, tip, I’d also like to get the 24-icon perk, to fill in the holes in my Addergoole and otherwise cast lists.
So I’d like $100 to give to djinni.

I’d also like $50 for foyer accessories, because I really want guest slippers and a nice place to put them, and I’m almost done prepping the foyer to paint. But first is $100 for Djinni.

What You Want: Well, what do you want? I won’t promise to make it canon, but I can write it. Tip me $5 and I’ll write a drabble (250-500 words); tip me $10 and I’ll write you a flash fiction (750-1000 words); if you want more, talk to me and we’ll work something out.

No Matter What the first $30 will be tipped to Djinni for this icon day. If I reach $100, the first $100 will go to Djinni.

This is only open until Wednesday. I will write these things as first priority until they are done – pre-empted only by other things people have already paid me for. <3
Donate below

Art by Djinni!
I also take payment by Dwolla

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Writing and bus rides

I, at 37 years old, went to NYC for the first time in my life. It was awesome.

I met @Theladyisugly there, and we spent the day at the Met, and it was awesome.

And then I rode back.

On the bus, I wrote 3-3/4 of the stories from my pre-Call call. I’ll get them transcribed and posted (and finished) over the next four, five days.

(I had a book, or I probably would have written more, but I spent most of the way back just sleeping.)

The true call will open up next Saturday, so have no fear, if I didn’t get to your prompt, I’ll get to it then.

… NYC was awesome. The Met was awesome. Seeing B IRL for the first time was awesome.

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