While I’m At it…

While I’m on market research – there’s that other serial 

I’m working on a serial set in the Steam era of Calenta/Reiassan.  It’s going to be a non-kinky setting with, I think/hope, a feel like the fantasy novels I enjoyed reading in my teens: coming of age and self-exploration set against grand villains and daring exploits. 

What three things would you MOST like to see in such a story?

What three things would you LEAST like to see? 

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  1. Most like to see: protagonists not all cut from the same piece of cloth, within the limits of the setting and genre; to quote or paraphrase The Invisibles movie, “Something wonderful!”; and everything not being deathly serious all of the time. Least like to see: romantic plot line involving the main protagonists; annoying younger sibling who is in the story just to be annoying; and deux ex machine plot resolution.

  2. Believable siblings are good. Given the school setting, I am personally at the point of very tired of the usual “kids sneak out, hijinks ensure, but no adults every figure this out and there are no consequences.” That gets done a LOT.

      • Good! I approve! Many such stories have capable adults who turn less so when hijinks happen. And that is not believable. I think it is to allow the wish fulfillment of teens and kids to gat away with stuff.

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