Current Long-Form Story (50K+plus words) Projects

Current Long-Form Story (50K+plus words) Projects

Working Title Description Progress
Steam!Reiassan YA-style* serial following three new students through their school adventures Main characters developed
Missing Orders Addergoole, second gen – Fernley’s biggest problem should not be his orders vanishing 46000 out of 52-54000 words
Rin & Girey An Army healer brings the Prince of a defeated nation home with her, across difficult terrain 16000 out of 50-52000 words
Addergoole Rewrite Rewriting books one and two of the Addergoole series outlined
Kinky Fantasy A kinky serial set in a fantasy setting of some sort.  Market Research stage
Prisoners 16&23 Kink/kidnapping/dehumanization serial stalled at 7k words
Tea and Space "trying to drink tea while being dragged to strange adventures" conception stage

* which is not to say YA**
** although this story will be written far more all-ages than, say, Addergoole

One of the three with no wordcount listed will be my Nano project. 

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