On This Date: Addergoole Drabbles of Niassa

October 16, 2004

College was weird.

The classes were alternately harder than anything at Addergoole and easier, her teachers were strange and at the same time more professional and less, and her classmates were so /young/ it hurt.

But Niassa had lost that argument, so through Intro to Psych she sat, dreaming of fighting dragons.

October 16, 2013

She couldn’t really fly with the things she’d gotten in lieu of wings.

But on the back of a dragon, a sword between its shoulderblades and a garrote around its neck… then, then Niassa was flying, higher and higher into the air.

She didn’t think about the fall, not yet. Not until it came.

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        • Ooh, Sorry! cy’ – Student of, in a cy’ree (Student-group) sh’ – Child of (shenera) oro’ – Belongs to ia’ – in a mutual belonging with du’ – “I am Named-” sa’- Honored-person-called- jae’ – junior-person-called-

          • 1. Thanks! 2. Hoo, boy. How about either putting these on the landing page, or (probably better for the readers, though more of a project for you) building and posting a glossary, and linking to that on the landing page? … OK, never mind #2. After a bunch of poking around I found the Glossary on the Addergoole wiki (which seems not to have been updated in 2 – 4 years ??). A-and the poking around was complicated by the fact that, for reasons I do not understand,* the link to that wiki from the LJ Landing page Landing Page does not link to the wiki, but opens a “Share” popup while the link from the DW Landing page Landing Page works as it should. * But they might be related to whatever your global settings are on the two sites. Or not.

            • I can’t figure out at the moment why the LJ one is linked to the wrong site. * I should have a link to the Addergoole wiki (probably the now-more-inclusive “Year 9” wiki) on its landing page, and at the bery least the glossary. ‘pologies. * The Addergoole wiki hasn’t been updated in a while because it’s attached to a completed serial. I should migrate the universally-AG/universally fae-apoc info over to the more-updated year9 wiki.

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