Orlaith: Her Second Year

Eleventh in a series of character-building vignettes following a bunch of characters through their time at Addergoole & beyond. Orlaith we’ve seen much later in her life, in the series with her son Hunter-Hale and her later Kept Adder.

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September, Year 11 (2005) of the Addergoole School

If there was one thing her former Keeper had said to her that had stuck in Orlaith’s mind – and there had been far more than that, as Accalon was prone to talking quite a bit, and saying words like remember this while he did so – it was what he’d said about Silas.

Accalon saw things. He saw people’s futures, their worst, their best. Sometimes he saw what they wanted, or what could be done to change their path.

He’d seen the way Ora looked at Silas. Nobody else had really noticed, but Accalon, well, he saw things.

“That one. That boy you look at out of the corner of your eye.”

She’d felt guilty, but she hadn’t tried to deny it. “Silas.”

“Him.” His voice had shifted tone, into that odd sound he used when he was seeing some future somewhere. “He’s going to fall, far, Orlaith. He will fall into darkness and into evil. He will fall as far as any of Addergoole’s children has ever fallen, and, being an over-achiever, he will then fall further still.”

She’d tried to make some protest.

“Remember this. He will fall, and you will need to kill him. It will be your hand on the blade that ends his existence, Orlaith, or the world will fall instead.” His eyes had opened and he’d pinned her with a gaze. “Or.”

“Or?” It was either her nickname or another option. She grasped at it either way.

“Or you will bring him to the light. It will be a hard road – possibly harder than killing him – but you can do it. But you’ll need to be prepared.”

That was when her lessons had begun in earnest. And now… now her mission began. Accalon was gone. She was free, as free as any Addergoole student could be.

“So.” She had been talking to the table of students for a few minutes. Long enough to not be suspicious. “What do you think about Silas?”

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