Brainstorming help requested: planning auction for upcoming Serial

I’m making a new setting! (I’m sure you’ve noticed)
Actually, I’m making two, but Edally Academy (Steam!Goats) is going to be my nano project. So that’s the one I’m thinking about now.

Serials take money to start: ad money, art, domain name, possibly server space. Having a seed account will mean I can start out in January with as pretty a setting as I like.

For the below list, the school has nine Houses, covering fields of study.
All of them are named for former students who had mighty achievements.
Several of them, thus, have had more than one name over the years.
The three main characters are each in a separate House.

I’m thinking of offering the following things for auction:

  • Naming rights on:
    • A Protagonist’s House
    • A background Hous
    • a former House name
    • a Head of a House (cameo)
    • a background teacher (cameo)
    • a student (cameo)


  • Create an animal that will appear in the story
  • Create a dish of food that will appear in the story
  • Create a ~thing~ or device that will appear in the story

Two questions:
Whoops, three:


  1. Do you think this will garner any interest at all?
  2. Do you have any other ideas for auction items?
  3. Suggested starting bids?
  4. Less is more? Or more is more? (i.e., cut this list down, expand on it, or it’s good)?

Also, I know I was wrong, there’s four.

If you have not yet answered What do YOU want to see in Steam!Calenta? and think you might have interest in the serial, please go put in your feedback. <3

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0 thoughts on “Brainstorming help requested: planning auction for upcoming Serial

  1. Yes, this sounds very fun! Design a thing could include clothing, for instance. It is very fun to come up with neat little things and then see them in print. I think people will go for that. You could list higher amounts for cameos, and for things that get more description. Just a name is something that would cost less than a name, House colors, and cameo famous student (a package sort of thing). Former house names would cost less, as the come up in the story less than a current house or protagonists house. For tiers, I imagine the $3-5 for impulse support, $10, $25, and top out at maybe $40 or $50. But I could be wrong and have not done this before, and do not know what the overall goal is. Also, reading HaikuJaguar‘s From Spark To Finish might be a good idea. It is geared to Kickstarter, but has good ideas for planning any Fundraising.

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