Nano and Balance

As I step into my third Nanowrimo, I’ve been looking around and reading blog posts on “surviving nano,” “making it through/to 50K,” and so on, and I was struck that, if they mention your family at all, the general consensus is “your husband and children will not see you for the next thirty days.”

Combine this with advice to “remember to eat food, even if it’s Burger King and take-out pizza,” it occurred me that, not only is nano generally a younger person than mine’s game (oh, my, did I just say that? Hi, dad), but that it was sorely in need of a post on “balancing life, family, and nanowrimo.”

Then I wondered if I had done a sufficiently good job balancing those things in the past – my husband says no, but then he said I’d left him alone in the yard overnight and nobody had come to get him and he was so saaad, so I have to take it with a grain of salt (he’s also threatened to go feral).

So what I am going to do, gentle readers, is be mindful of balance over the next month of feverishly grinding out 2000 words a day in a setting I barely know. And I will report to you faithfully every Wednesday on my progress thereof. I might even get my husband to do a guest post (don’t hold your breath 😉

Stay tuned for the adventures of Balance and the Art of Nanoing.

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