Worldbuilding SFWA Style: Reiassan

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I. The World

B. Not Earth at All

  • How does this world differ physically from earth? Is it the same size (same density, same gravity), same ratio of land/water, same atmosphere, etc.? Does it have more than one sun or moon? Rings? Are there spectacular constellations/comets, etc. visible at night or by day?
The world is slightly smaller than Earth (just a few miles in diameter),  and a similar density and gravity, and is generally earthlike. 
It has two moons, one large and one small.  It also has brilliantly stars in a sky full of light.  
  • Are there non-human inhabitants of this planet (elves, dwarves, aliens)? If so, how numerous? How openly present? What areas do they occupy?
Nope, there are only humans. 
  • How are the continents laid out? If there is more than one moon/sun, how does this affect winds, tides, and weather generally?
Reiassan and (Homeland) are both in the Northern/Eastern Hemispheres. Reiassan is to the west of (Homeland) continent by about ¼ of the world; there is another large land mass on the Western hemisphere, and several smaller land masses in the southern hemisphere.
Reiassan is a continent about the size of South America; Homeland is a mass equivalent to Eurasia in size, as is the Western continent. 
  • How much land is there, and how much of it is habitable?
There’s approximately  50,000,000 square miles (129,499,000 sq. km).  About 35% of this is habitable (neither mountain nor desert).
  • Is the axial tilt and orbit the same — i.e., does the world have the same seasons and same length of year as Earth?
Seasons are similar to Earth’s, although they count them differently in Reiassan; they consider the rainy season, the warm season, and the cold season.

II. Physical and Historical Features
A. General
  • In which geographical areas will the story take place? How much ground will the story cover? What are the most striking features of landscape, climate, animals, etc. in this area? How will these features affect travel time, communication, etc.?
Both extant stories take place on the continent of Reiassan, a sort of comma-shaped continent the size (approx.) of South America.
Reiassan is a continent wrinkled and gouged by glacial activity; it looks like a wrinkled napkin.  This makes travel difficult and sometimes prohibitive.
Agriculture tends towards crops which can be grown on slopes – more root crops and less grain crops, for one.  There are fewer trees and much of what exist are scrublike and twisted; buildings are mostly stone-created, with wood being rare and generally used for accent, not for construction. 
The tip of the continent, the part that was formerly Bitrani, is warmer and flatter, although it has a great deal of swampland.  Trees similar to the mangrove are prevalent here, and rice is one of their main crops. 
The seas on either side of the continent are very good for fishing. 
Into Lanamer crosses most of the continent, heading from near the Bitrani city of Onikanin, less than 1/3 of the tail up from the Southern tip of Reiassan, up to the Calenyena city of Lanamer, at the point where the dot of the comma reaches the tail. 
Edally Academy takes place primarily in Edally Academy at Ileltedez, a coastal city South of Lanamer. 
  • If there are non-human inhabitants, are there any areas they particularly claim as their own (e.g., dwarves traditionally live underground, usually in mountains)?
Still no non-humans. 

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