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A Gentle Reminder on Lyn Boundaries

I know I’ve covered this before, but…

Phrasing is really, really important when dealing with a Lyn, especially a stressed/sick/tired one. (Which all of the above I am, right now).

Thus: should is a bad word. Unless you are directly trying to instill a sense of obligation in me (there are situations in which this is okay), please do not use it. It will stress me the fuck out, because I do not have room for that many more obligations right now. Why don’t you… is almost as bad.

I would like it if is a nice phrasing. That’s a gentle one, that doesn’t make me feel battered upon.

Have you considered/thought about… is nice, too.

This will make it easier for me to deal with you, and cause me less stress in the long run.

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Sick day – First and Last lines of Thursday-into-Friday

First line of Thursday: Tairiekie thought about that. It shouldn’t have felt that complicated, but her mind felt as if it were stuffed with cotton. “That sounds… that makes sense. What are you doing?”

last Line of Last Night:
“-I found a spigot!” Enrie popped her head up from the rubbish bin. “I think this is what you wanted!”

I wrote 3,493 words Thursday and 2,089 words Friday, bringing my total to 48,592
(goal on this project is ~54,000; I’m on chapter 25 of approx. 30).

at that rate, I will finish… today. Or possibly tomorrow. An average of 3,239.5 words/day so far… but I’m sick, and just aiming to hit 50K today.

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