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First and Last Words: In Which I Fire Chekhov’s Weasel

Okay, this is funny:
First Line of Yesterday: Tairiekie jolted into consciousness as her head thumped against something again

Last line of yesterday: Tairiekie gave up the last hold on her consciousness.

I wrote 3824 words yesterday, bringing my total to 56,877 words. This thing is ending up running longer than estimates…

At this rate, I will be done yesterday 😉
Except I still have to finish the last chapter and insert interludes, so probably tomorrow.

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November Thanks Challenge: Those Who Make Your Day Possible

Today, I challenge you to thank someone who made your day possible, easier, smoother, tastier.

Thank the farmer that grew the wheat for the bagel you’re eating, the milk for your latte, the rice for your lunch.

Thank a powerplant worker, a cable/phone worker, for the interwebs that keep us connected.

An oil rig worker, a road worker, an auto mechanic, anyone who made it easier for you to get to work (Bike repair shop!).

Thank the cashiers. Thank the bag boys. Thank the infrastructure people, because without them, the world would be a far leaner place.

Trolls and naysayers will be deleted and blocked. No, seriously. This is not the place for that.

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