November Thanks Challenge: Those Who Make Your Day Possible

Today, I challenge you to thank someone who made your day possible, easier, smoother, tastier.

Thank the farmer that grew the wheat for the bagel you’re eating, the milk for your latte, the rice for your lunch.

Thank a powerplant worker, a cable/phone worker, for the interwebs that keep us connected.

An oil rig worker, a road worker, an auto mechanic, anyone who made it easier for you to get to work (Bike repair shop!).

Thank the cashiers. Thank the bag boys. Thank the infrastructure people, because without them, the world would be a far leaner place.

Trolls and naysayers will be deleted and blocked. No, seriously. This is not the place for that.

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  1. You know, that does make me realize I don’t often take time to be thankful for the people who aren’t helping out right in front of me. I do try to thank and acknowledge the people I interact with. Whether it’s saying thank you to the waiter who brings a refill or wishing a good day to the front desk people at work. As I see it, it costs very little to be polite. A moment of time, a few words, and you’ve acknowledge the humanity of someone rather than treating them as some invisible object. It might go back to my time working in the hospital kitchen. From time to time patients or family would send notes back on the meal trays thanking us for the work we did. These got taped up on the office door for everyone to see, and it always made the day a little bit better.

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