What’s Next?

As the post-nano emotional hangover fades, I’m looking at December and trying to figure out how to harness all this energy.

Without, of course, burning myself out.

So, what I have is:

  • Edally Academy begins posting on about January 15. By then I need:
    • at least the first 8 installations edited, cleaned up, and second-drafted
    • a web page created
    • at least one ad ready
    • at least three teasers done

  • January’s not-quite-a-nano project is Rin & Girey. By then I need:
    • to finish and smooth out the outline and figure out what, if anything, I need to change in the current iteration to make it go better in the outline.
    • to decide where it ends.

  • I have two submissions to get done in early December:
    • Superhero Romance for Good Mourning
    • 713/Kazka Oress

  • I need to wrap up and send Alder by Posts in one giant mailing of apologetic doom.
  • If I finish the submissions by the 10th, I am going to spend 15 days re-writing Addergoole Book One from the 10th-Christmas. To do that I need:
    • to finish the outline

This would leave me time for a Giraffe Call (it really would). The question is: is there interest? The last one brought in very few prompts and no $ at all. And while I love doing them, if you guys don’t like them too, there’s not so much point.

So, that’s my December and January. What about yours?

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  1. I’m always interested in Giraffe Calls, even if I have no money. I have holidays (including leave) for most of January…

  2. Awesome plans! I am a huge fan of Alder-By-Post, but at this point I think your other projects have gotten awesome enough that you may not have time for it. Possibly retire it for a year and think about if it is doable, or if it can be reimaged or changed to make it less work for you? I think less stress for Lyn is something that all of us readers would agree is a good thing.

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