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Be a Part of My World, an auction – your name, or a name of your choosing, forever emblazoned on the walls of my upcoming webserial.

Lexember is here! What words in Reiassan do you want to see/learn?

Three-Sentence Fic Fest – leave a prompt or answer one!

I’ve been writing Addergoole Drabbles to this request post, which is open until I have 25 requests!

Drabbles include:

Inflicting Change; Luke and Mike have had it up to here with Regine. Yr20.
An Arrangement; Minerva’s new Keeper’s crew isn’t so happy about things. Yr16.
Being Wanted; Maureen has a hard job some days
Santa; Leithe wakes up to surprises. Yr10.
The Twins Are Asleep; Kai and Mabina get their kids to sleep before the party. Yr6.
Summer Snuggles; Jaya and Arna, Yr9/10
Merry Christmas, Lee; Lee tries to give his Kept a good Christmas. Yr11.
And Then There’s You; Agmund Fridmar and Love

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