Auction Item: Mechanics and Engineering Hall

“Good old [NAME HERE] Hall.” Tairiekie’s father thumped the thick stone of the building. “Heavy stone, loose roof, isn’t that what they say, Dairdo?”

“It’s what they say. But you know it isn’t true, Biem.” Tairiekie’s mother shook her head. “The roof is as secure as any other building, Taikie, and don’t let your father tell you differently.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Tairikie ran her hands over the stone. It even felt old. “Who was [NAME HERE?]”

Who was [NAME HERE] (read in robotic voice, a la Futurama), anyway?

Bid here to tell me all about them!

My naming rights auction – main post here is still going strong. Don’t you want to be a part of my world?

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