Auction Item: Student Cameo

The student and friends stepped out from between the buildings just as Tairiekie was walking by. “…but then there was that problem in Philosophy. I think the instructor hates me.”

From the uniform, they were in [INSERT HERE] House, and from the cut of it, they weren’t a new student.

“Come on, [NAME HERE], you’re blowing it out of proportion. Instructor Pelnyen doesn’t hate you. He’s just…”

“Instructor Pelnyen,” the third of the group filled in.

“See?” Tairiekie murmured to Enrie. “It’s not just me.”

Or maybe [NAME HERE] is having trouble with Art class, or maybe they’re fighting with another student. Maybe they’re homesick.

You tell me! Bid here to name and describe this characer.

My naming rights auction – main post here is still going strong. Don’t you want to be a part of my world?

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