Octi/OTPi… a sillyfic

… Okay, this started when I tweeted “I stuck half of my OTP in a box to make it happen,” and a friend misread it as “half of my OTP’s”… which led to the idea of like 8 people in a box.

It’s silly. 😉

“This… is awkward.” The man in the frontmost of the box wriggled, trying to get an elbow out of his kidney. That led to the girl pressed against him to shift in ways that might have been distracting, if it weren’t for the other six people in the box.

Well, to be fair, two of the other six people were also very distracting, as was the hand braced very high on his thigh. He didn’t want to think much about whose hand that was. He was trying not to think about those wandering fingers at all.

“Awkward hardly covers it.” The gorgeous redhead next to him – as opposed to the gorgeous redhead pressed up against him – shifted, almost getting her elbow out of his kidney. “Who are you people, anyway?”

“That’s a very good question.” The man in the back of the box’s face lit up in a series of LED-like lights. “A better one might be ‘where are we?'”

“That’s a very good question.” The man next to him lit up some sort of device. “Any answers?”

“The box is hawthorne.” The man in the frontmost only knew one other person here, and that was the redhead pressed against him. She had been muttering under her breath for quite a while. “It is made out of hawthorn and it has no opening.”

“So… someone put us in a wooden box. We can get out of that. That’s not even a problem.” The man with the strange handheld device poked his friend… friend? Whatever. “Blast us a hole.”

“Wait!” The man in the front of the box shifted. “If you send splinters into here… it could kill us.”

“So what do we do?” The second redhead shifted. “I don’t have room to kick properly, and I’m not carrying any of my weapons.”

Somewhere in the box, a mechanical whirring started. “Perhaps… we drill ourselves out.”

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