Because I don’t have enough to write – a meme

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Put a ship (either of a fandom I at least know about, or in my own ‘verses) in the comments and I will tell you a bit about how each of the following scenarios would go down for them:

Fake dating
Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it
Secret kinks
Their first kiss
Meeting the parents
Moving in together
A crossover of your choice
An au of your choice
If you like, another trope/scenario of your choice

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      • *Shuffles toes in sand* Well, originally I did want to send her home from Addergoole with a Fridmar baby on the way and after reading his conversation with a certain pushy Daeva, I thought well, why not at least ask…

        • okay. Well, let’s see, AU where something happens: It’s her first summer home after school, and she’s finding herself being bogged down by boys, despite the four children, so she writes her mentor for help. He visits for a bit, offering to stand in as her older lover and live in her apartment, until the boys are chased off. That’s when they first kiss, and first realize there’s an interest. While he’s there, however, he works on teaching her some advanced Workings, and something goes massively awry. They find themselves in each other’s bodies, which leads to Agmund Fridmar having to deal with nursing… and Penny having a penis. Experimentation ensues. They don’t quite get the swap back correct when they do it, leading to an urgent, almost painful need to be inside each other. That leads, as they continue to try Workings to straighten everything out, to some dark places in each others’ heads, and some kinks neither of them knew the other had. — Alternately: Criminal Minds AU/crossover. The BAU had been tracking the Nedetakaei Penny killed for quite a while. Now what do they do with his sudden disappearance?

                  • Luke and Fridmar put him into bedrock, didn’t they? Is that down far enough? (I’m assuming a competent radar operator, not like the one we had at work last year – they hit everything with their digging machines before a new company was brought in.)

                    • That’s probably far enough down, unless they find one of his victims higher up For this AU, let’s say they find him. 😉

                    • Decapitated, with his head between his feet and a wooden knife through his heart and still in situ. Also probably with his bag of toys.

                    • ok, but I make no promises as to the quality of characterization of Crim. minds people; it’s been a while.

                    • This is what I have words/spoons for now: In the BAU they didn’t give serial killers cute nicknames – that was the business of the press – but if they had, this one would probably be That Bastard. (Penelope, privately, called him The Creepy Bastard, and he deserved the name). They were coming to the conclusion that the sick fucker – not all that sick, not in the scope of things they’d seen – might just be smarter than them. And that was a thing that was outside of their mythology. Serial killers, after all, had only themselves, and maybe, just maybe, a partner. They had the whole team, and all the resources of the FBI. And then… the strangest of dead ends. They’d figured out his pattern, because he had one. They’d found him with the girl on a surveillance video. And then… gone. They’d tracked him to the factory, though, and when they’d started scanning the ground, they’d found remains. That had led to some digging, and, on a whim, when the first set of remains – old ones, they couldn’t be the same guy’s work, they predated the freaking factory – was so close to the bedrock as to be sitting on it, Reid had them pull in more intense equipment and they scanned the bedrock. Privately, Morgan was muttering Idu Eperu to himself and hoping nobody overheard. There were some things FBI background checks just didn’t cover… They found the victims first. And then, only a few feet away from the skeleton of a post-pubescent girl… a male skeleton. His head was between his feet, and there was something sticking into his heart. Wood, the radar operator thought. Morgan’s heart slowed. He swallowed, and checked out the expression on their resident – human – genius. He hadn’t put it together yet. Good.

                    • Thank you. I like! (must write more of your prompt because that might give you more spoons….)

          • pardon me–but is there a previous story where Penny killed the Nedetakaei, and if so, what would its link be? thanks! not sure how i missed this one, if it exists…

    • Fake dating It had started at Prom. There’d been the Incident, and Lori wasn’t talking to Jin anymore – or to really anyone – but there was Bianna, looking as out-of-place as he felt. “I’ll be your date,” she’d offered, bold as brass. And again, for movies the next week. And again. Bodyswap Then there came the rogue witch at school, the one Jin never told his parents about. She was trying to get her dream boy (not Jin, or things would have been worse), throwing around mad spells, including one that moved everyone in the senior class one body to the left. Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it Everyone knew pixies had a breeding season. Most of the inhuman races did, and thought the human way was untidy. What they didn’t know – Bianna might have; Jin didn’t – was that pixie breeding season came with sex pollen. It was a good thing they’d gotten their bodies back. Dark!fic (and AU and crosover) . . . . . . “It’s called a Hellmouth.” The new Librarian had the book open, although he’d been reluctant to let Bianna and Jin read it. “It’s not normally in this universe, but it appears that it’s hungry… “Hungry.” Bianna looked from the book to the strange British man back to the book. “The thing that spews demons is hungry.” Jin found himself swallowing. “That’s where Jordan went. And Shirley, and the harpies.” “Very likely. Although, I must confess, I’m a tad bit confused about the harpies.” “You get used to them after a while.” Jin read a passage he was fairly certain he wasn’t meant to understand. “Um, sir? I think we have bigger problems on our hands than the Hellmouth’s ‘hunger.'” “Oh?” The librarian appeared unimpressed. Jin wondered if he practiced it. “This Hellmouth uses the people it eats, right?” “Quite right.” “Which means it just ate a witch and a harpy.” Secret kinks “What would you do if I were human?” Bianna’s voice was breathy, barely audible over the club’s pounding bass. “If you were human?” Jin brushed his hands over her hips. “Why do you ask?” “I like it.” Even in this lighting, he could see she was blushing. “Pretending, I mean.” Their first kiss “I’d say we’re stuck.” Jin eyed the car regretfully, and the muddy riverbank even more so. “Sorry about that.” “I’m not.”Suddenly, Bianna’s thigh was against his. “Not at all.” “No?” Jin’s heart was pounding. “And why’s that?” “Because that means we can do this.” She leaned forward and kissed him. Meeting the parents “They’re… parents.” Jin found himself shrugging helplessly. “They judge things. They assume I’m younger than I am. They think I’m wild and irresponsible and stupid.” “They’re parents.” Bianna squeezed his hand. “They love you; they want the best for you.” “Isn’t that what I said?” “I’m sure we’ll do fine.” Moving in together The Dark Tower was not in the habit of allowing its students to cohabitate. Then again, there were any number of things about Jin’s study at the Tower – and about Bianna’s – that were not its norm. Their attendance at all, for one, and their beginning level of skill. If you like, another trope/scenario of your choice

      • Heh. And oh *dear* … So the “Dark!fic (and AU and crosover) . . . . . . ” section isn’t, I assume, but how much of the rest is canon?

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