Giraffe Call OPEN

My Giraffe Call is open for twenty-four more hours here.

The theme is bad guys and villains. Please stop by and leave a prompt!

We’re just $5 from everyone who donates getting a second prompt $10 from a livewrite, which means that your donation has an immediate effect:

Saturday, I wrote nothing, because we were out wine tasting and, while wine puts me in the mood to write, it’s not really the place for it. (Note to self: take laptop, find cafes. Taste, write, taste, write, etc.)

Sunday, I wrote:
By the Time Anyone Noticed (and on LJ) – Addergoole Post Apoc
The Good Fight (and on LJ)
Back Around Again (and on LJ) – Addergoole, Ardell & Delaney
(funny how Addergoole comes to mind when thinking of villains… 😉

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