Project “Complete;” Time for the Next One

My planned project for June 2014 Nano is going to be a series of short stories/a serial adventure story tentatively named Escape from Rochester.

Its tagline is “6,444,000,000 people are about to die. Raven cares about 31 of them.”

And… yes, it’s my practice-killing-characters-off story.

It’s set in Fae Apoc, in Rochester, NY (probably), right in the middle of the apoc, and stars Raven, probably-a-Faded fae, and approx 62 of Raven’s closest friends, associates, and chance-met strangers.

What I am looking for:
* 30 ways to die in the apoc
(slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don’t need to be coy, Roy
Just get yourself free)

* 62 or so fae apoc characters, Faded, near-Faded, or human, with as much detail as you want to give me. Want to be a cameo in a story? Write that up. Want to kill off a version of someone you don’t like in my story? Let me know!

* anything else!

* Oh Yeah: good gods for Rochester, NY

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