Balancing Lazy

This is a continuation of a piece chosen by random-date-choice.

It follows

Laziness as an Art Form, Laziness X4, and
Lazy Bidding.

Merton and Zuleyma did not want to be sold. Roanna couldn’t really bring herself to blame them – she didn’t want to be sold either.

But Segenam had grabbed four of them on Hell Night, and four, he thought, was a little too much work. So he’d ordered Ro to auction them off – and she’d found buyers for Merton and Zuleyma.

“She’s nice, Merton. I wouldn’t have said it was a good idea if I didn’t think she was nice.”

“But…” He bit his lip. “I was just getting comfortable here.”

“I know. And you can get comfortable again with Kianna. It’ll be okay, Merton.”

“I guess…”

Zuleyma wouldn’t talk to Roanna at all. She blamed Ro for making the deal – which wasn’t all that fair, since Ro’d been ordered to do it – and sulked in her corner until Segenam dragged her out bodily.

He left Roanna and Tamberlain in the room while he took the other two to the market, as it were. “You, boy,” he pointed, “do cleaning things. Ask Roanna what to do.”

“What should I do?”

“Supervise. And…” Segenam did another strange thing with his face. “Try to relax, if you can.”

Roanna didn’t do “relax,” but she tried, because she’d been ordered to. It helped to sit back on the bed – once Tamberlain had made it, twice – and sip a drink while she directed.

“Why am I doing all this? You’re good at this.”

“Because the boss said so, of course.”

“But you’re good at cleaning, you and Merton.”

“Merton’s gone.”

“So why aren’t you doing the dishes?” He hesitated. “And why are they gone, and not us?”

Roanna wasn’t really feeling kind. “Nobody bid on you, Tam. Do the dishes like a good boy and if they’re all clean I’ll help with the floor.”

“The boss told you to relax.”

“Lucky for you, I find mopping floors very relaxing.”

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