Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 2

This is the second in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano Project.

The story follows a group of friends and acquaintances as the faerie apocalypse destroys Rochester, NY

Emmett has never been comfortable anywhere, and R.I.T. was no different when he showed up.

He’s older than the rest of the students, for one – although you wouldn’t know it to look at him – starting at twenty-two instead of finishing there. He chose to live in the dorms anyway, in hopes that he might find some sort of community there, and had some luck, although not quite the way he’d hoped.

The guys down the hall started playing a Shadowrun game on Friday nights in the lounge; the first couple times, they played around Emmett, who was watching TV in the corner and did not really mind. The third time, one of their number was out somewhere else and they invited Emmett to sit in.

Emmett, who hadn’t played any sort of game since Jr. High, found he liked it, and quickly found that there was more of this sort of thing going on on campus. That’s how he met the gaming club, which is how he met Jo and Cadey, which is how he ended up hanging out at Anelle’s Samhain party, the confused date of two avowed lesbians.

Emmett is small and skinny, barely over five foot tall, with straight hair past his shoulders in an unbelievable red, hazel eyes, and skin that freckles if you look at it funny. When he actually pays attention to what he’s doing, he can be very good at swaying a group of people, or, especially, a single person when alone with them, but he rarely tries.

He’s never been particularly strong, nor will he ever be, but he’s robustly healthy. He enjoys spending time hiking when he has the opportunity, and spends a lot of time in the nearby parks and cemeteries.

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