But Why, a vignette

This takes place sometime during the “sign-up” phase of the Addergoole project – ~mid-to-late 1970’s. It was written in response to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s comments here and here

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There were very few pure-bloods in Regine’s Addergoole Project. She had very little interest in finding out what happened when you bred two pure bloods, for one – they had been finding that out, over and over again, since the gods first arrived. She wanted to know what you could get from paired half-breeds.

For another, she knew that the pure bloods would eventually become distressed, when they learned of her project. It had not been all that long that half-breeds were in any way considered part of Shenera Endraae, and to go about deliberately making hundreds more half-breeds – all with the aim of educating and arming them – she had not needed Michael and Luca to tell her that somebody would be angry when they found out.

She had, however, not entirely anticipated the screaming, shouting rage or a Mara and a Daeva struggling through her wards and forcing their way to her office.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The shout was loud enough to rattle the windows.

“Come out here and talk to us or we’ll burn this forsaken place to the ground!”

Regine pushed three buttons on her wall – not that she believed anyone would need a call to inform them they had guests – and stepped out onto her porch. “How can I help you?”

The Mara was the woman, a tall, angry Mara – if that was not redundant – with her blue wings spread wide. “My son told me about your little ‘project.’ What exactly do you think you’re doing?”

Regine thought back along the list of names she had seen. Blue wings, probably, or something like it, and the Daeva had horns that resembled an antelope’s. “Silvestre.” He’s been one of the ones who’d turned down her offer. “A handsome man, and very bright.”

“And a half-breed.

“And wouldn’t you be interested in knowing why?” Regine had been given more than a little opportunity to practice this speech. She watched the steam bleed off of the woman’s anger.


“Your son was born half-breed, when you two are clearly full-bloods. Wouldn’t you like to know why?”

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    • Well, I will offer as data points: * Of Regine, Mike, and Luca, none of them have ever had a pure-blooded child * They are pure-blooded but not breeding within the same line. * “Pure-blooded” is sort of a silly term the way they use it.

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