Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 4

This is the fourth in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano Project.

The story follows a group’s flight from Rochester and the challenges they meet along the road to someplace safe, although, in the midst of the apocalypse, where “safe” may be might be the hardest question.

There would have been easier career choices, but Jordan (Taylor) has been into computers since her first-grade class was introduced to them.

She could have gotten into M.I.T. – she did get into M.I.T., as well as R.P.I. – but R.I.T. was a lot closer to home (her family lives in Greece, a suburb of Rochester), and with her maternal grandparents aging, she felt it important to stay near her family.

Near, but not with. She lived in the dorms for the first two years, and then moved to the apartments with a handful of newfound friends, two from her major and one from an elective, Anelle.

She didn’t really mind Anelle’s parties, since she helpfully kept them to non-study weekends, but the people that showed up were a stranger mix than she was used to. It meant that she found herself drinking with a guy who claimed he was really an elf, and playing Strip Jenga with a girl who pretended to be a vampire on the weekends, discussing philosophy with neo-nords… and kissing two lesbians under a full moon.

It was the lesbians that really did it, but it was Anelle’s fault that Jordan ended up visiting Raven’s little drinking parties in the swamp, and it was Anelle’s fault that she tried one – and only one – D&D game.

Sometimes all it takes is one game.

Jordan is tall, 5’8″, and built round in the chest and the butt, slender most other places. She wears her hair short and natural, but platinum blonde, liking the way it contrasts against her dark, near-ebony skin.

Her eyes are grey and slightly canted at the sides, her lips are full and her nose is long and aristocratic.

She has a fascination with the physics of time (as well as the psychology of such) and takes as many electives on the subject as she can.

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