Five Recent Happy Things

* Tulips. I have tulips all over the front of my house and I love them. Warm fuzzies every time I look at them.

* Darling husband helped me wake up in nice ways yesterday.

* We bought a couch! Well, it will be here in 3 weeks but WE GOT IT!
– (The pillow fabric name is “wild rose wineberry,” which makes me giggle more than the fabric itself, which looks more like chive flowers)

* Mint, mint mint mint mint (plants make me very happy)

* I jogged with Rion the other day! That was new, and oddly fun. Also, hanging out with Rion, which is fun in and of itself.

* Kitty! Kitties. Merit makes me very happy. They all make me happy, but Merit is an adorable spring wrapped in sleek black fur.

* Happyfun RP

* And I have a new project, and that always pleases me.

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0 thoughts on “Five Recent Happy Things

  1. Mint is awesome. Which is good because mint is hardy and spreads. Out here in the desert we pretty much just tossed a mint clipping into a shaded corner of the yard and it thrived. I think it may be part of the reason our parent’s old cat loved sitting out on the screened in porch, the mint plant grew right up against the screen. Wild Rose Wineberry, but looks like chives… Got to love marketers 🙂 Also, yes, ack-LJ change. At least I haven’t noticed it breaking anything yet.

    • Wild Rose Wineberry! Yeah, that’s why mint is in our “invasive plants” garden. But we’re going to move the old plants back to the hedgerow and see what they can take over there.

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