Micro-Housing becoming a trend fascinates me

Hattip to stryck, who RT’d this tweet:


I did a little quick googling, and found this article – from USA Today – about micro-apartments.

Like Tiny Homes, I find the concept fascinating (microapartments are a much more efficient use of space/walls, of course, because they can be stacked, but you lose out on window-walls and green space) – though I’m a little amused at myself for this fascination just a couple years after moving into our Biggest Place Ever (I mean, it’s about 1700 sq. feet + a garage-barn, but still. The last place came in around 700 square feet).

There’s not a lot of point to this blog post, just, hey, thing I find neat is trending.

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0 thoughts on “Micro-Housing becoming a trend fascinates me

  1. I am currently apartment hunting. I cannot imagine paying over $1000 a month for under 300 square feet, as USA Today describes. That is crazy!

  2. what sorts of space saving solutions websites do you like? still designing the house we wish to build, and want it to be uber efficent

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