Prompts Wanted: Demifiction for Circled Plain (Inner Circle)

Much like last month’s call, I’m looking for prompts for demifiction set in the world of Inner Circle – the Circled Plain or the greater universe.

I’m realizing that I’ll need padding for the webpage when I get it up some time this week, and demifiction is a good place to start.

I will write at least 4 pieces of at least 100 words during the month of September.

What is demifiction? – to quote myself quoting [personal profile] lilfluff: “To quote [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith demifiction is, ‘Demifiction is imaginary stuff written as if it were nonfiction. This includes such things as reviews of books that don’t exist, fake movie posters, heroes’ shopping lists, etc. It can be challenging to write but it makes a great way to stretch your creative skills, and a really fun way to explore your settings.’

What is Inner Circle? Good question!

Inner Circle is a Serialized web fiction story following two inhabitants of a city on the Circled Plain as they bend knee to serve in order to climb the city’s stratified social ladder.

The world of the Circled Plains is, in very short, a far-post-apocalyptic world heavy with magic, where much of the landscape is still blasted and riddled with monsters, and people huddle within walled cities for survival.

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3 thoughts on “Prompts Wanted: Demifiction for Circled Plain (Inner Circle)

  1. Announcement of, or recruiting for, a new squad or corps of emergency responders. If possible, inter-Circle, even violating normal Circle restrictions (which I’m not up on) for the sake of speedy response. (I’ve been thinking about this date. I grew up in New York, though I wasn’t there when it happened.)

    • (It keeps popping up in my consciousness. I was 6 hours from NYC – close enough that I had friends who worked in those buildings, kin nearby.) That’s a very good idea. Thank you!

      • See ‘s quoted post What Would Lord Buckley Say?:

        My Lords and Ladies of the Royal Court, cats and kitties, studs and stallions, knock me a jigger of your attention, please. Today, I want to blow you a little number called… The Wiggin’ Tall Choirs. In the Apple a year and a day ago was two of the gassinest places humans done ever laid down upon this sweet sphere…

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