Hallowe’en’s Past, a ficlet

To [personal profile] finch‘s prompt. No setting, AFAIK.

“Dana…” Kelly stopped in the doorway of their apartment and looked Dana up and down. “You know, Hallowe’en’s been over for a week. You can stop dressing up.”

“This isn’t… this isn’t really a costume.” Dana plucked at the shirt and tie. “I mean, I, ah. I cut my hair for Hallowe’en, but if I’d really just been dressing up, I could’ve just put it under the hat, right?”

“Well, I figured you were sick of fighting with it, and it was a good excuse, if you didn’t want to be fighting with Aaron instead of fighting with your hair. Right?” Kelly bit her lip. “But this is – well, I mean, it’s cross-dressing, isn’t it? I know Aaron’s a jerk…”

“He is.” Dana leaned against the wall, sticking out a complete lack of chest under her silk button-down. But this isn’t about him. This is – this is just about me.”

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