Bisexual Awareness: bi characters

Yesterday was Bisexual Visibility day! (hi, I’m bi)

In honor of that, for the rest of this week, if you leave a prompt on any one of my three open calls (help I’m a bit overboard) that relates to bisexuality/pansexuality or to a bi character of mine, I will give it Top Priority and try to post it before Monday (results may vary; there’s a wedding I’m in on Sunday).

The Calls:
Demifiction for the Circled Plain
Ladies’ Bingo

Bisexual/Pansexual* Characters include… um.

Not all of them, but there’s a tolerably good chance.

Looking at my “Character” tag list… characters I KNOW have sexual attraction to 2 or more genders (numbers in brackets come from DW and are just the # of stories tagged w/ that character) –
aleron [1]
ambrus [3]
ardell [1]
aviv [1]
ayuda [1] (probably)
basil [1]
brydan [2]
cole [5]
delaney [1]
dj [3]
efrosin [1]
eluned [1]
griselda [1]
hemlock [1]
hunter-hale [3] (no canon to back this up yet)
indigo [1]
ivette [3]
jamian [2]
joff [3]
magnolia [1]
maureen [2]
miryam [4]
phillipa [5] (maaybe?)
reese [1]
silas [1]
speed [6]
summer [8]
ty [1]
xaviera [1]
yoshi [3]

(around H is when I stopped looking things up and just selected the ones I knew offhand were bi/pan/poly, so this is not nearly a complete list. Ask if you want to know!)

* I am so not getting into the distinction between pan and bi. That can happen in someone else’s journal.

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